Attempting something new

Attempting something new

Hopefully everyone reaches a part in their life where all their views of the world change rapidly. Why hopefully? Because stagnation is one of the worst things in modern day society, but more on that in a future post. I’m starting to thing that i have matured enough and reached this breaking point. So, the point of this blog is to log my newly formed opinion on various topics.

Firstly, i’m have never written anything before in my life and this is another reason why i decided to do this. My goals of writing are to evolve my ability to express my thoughts and improve my vocabulary,  but most of all i want to push myself to attempt new things, provoke myself in different ways, to simply put, better myself.

Few thing to note:
1. I’m writing this for myself, for my enjoyment.
2. This won’t be a strictly planed blog. I will write inconsistently both in topics and in intervals between posts.
3. Most of the problems i’m planning to address and the ways i experience them are from my point of view, from the country i live in.
4. I’m not writing in my mother tongue. There will be mistakes. A lot of them.
5. I’m not forcing my opinions on anyone. Also i’m not conservative and my views change when they’re challenged.

Hopefully this is just the start and i will keep pushing myself to try new activities as much as maintain the ones i have chosen to take on.


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