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The problem with patriotism

Just to be clear. This is my personal opinion. I am not trying to push my beliefs onto you. My main goal is to make you think about the topic.

Patriotism is bad for humanity. There is no way about it. By definition patriotism is an ideology of attachment to your homeland, culture, ethnicity, history and so on. At first it may sound like a neat idea, but the more you think about it the worse it gets. And now we are going to think about it.

Let us start with a simple and some what cliche example. Imagine there are two individuals in their mid 30s. Both educated, well mannered and highly patriotic. Imagine them having a discussion about patriotism and their homelands. It most likely is a mutually respectful and generally nice conversation. Now imagine those same two people, but with a little bit more context. First of them is an USA citizen, the other one is German. Their interaction is taking place during WW2. Both individuals have lost some family and friends to the other side. How are they interacting now? Most likely they’re both extremely hostile. My point is: there’s a fine line between patriotism and chauvinism. And the line is context.

Life in a way is context, you take some event like the first scenario mentioned and it becomes a lie, an illusion in comparison to the second scenario. What patriotism does is it manipulates the context to the point that people feel they are on the right side when they’re harming others. Now take patriotism out of the equation. There are no more sides, interactions are based on pure morality of humans that are interacting. I firmly believe that the people who would take a life of an “enemy” wouldn’t do it if the decision would be made by their moral compass instead of political views and in a way patriotism.

And this is what patriotism does. It clouds our minds if the circumstances change. It lets us rely on something else that our morality to make decisions. Humanity isn’t evil by default. We are born good and we should be good to everyone. There are on races. There are no nations. We are all human. Let’s act that way.

The life we all deserve

The life we all deserve

Work is a major part of everyones lives, so ideally we should all love our jobs, but more often then not this is not the case. Mostly we choose a job that pays more or is closer to home or the one with the best schedule, we rarely get to do the things we enjoy. It would be better for everyone if people could easily choose to do the things they always dreamt about. The question is: is this utopia where everyone finds their place possible?

There definitely are people who have their dream jobs. Actors, musicians, youtubers, writers, people who have their own little businesses. To my understanding they all have one thing in common, they started very young, some in their teen years, others even younger. But they weren’t successful from the get go, it takes a lot of time to reach your dreams, but it is definitely possible. But if we realize what we want to do for a living when we already have jobs and worries like rent, bills or maybe even student loans to pay, it is most likely too late, because we need to live now and we can’t afford to just throw everything away and hope that we succeed in a drastically different field of work.

Therefore, we should all try to change the world and the old fashioned system in which everyone has to know what they want to do when they become “adults”. We should be given an opportunity to find ourselves, to try different things at an early age. See what it’s like to work in one field or another. Well, maybe not our generation but our children or more likely our grandchildren should be given this opportunity. But it’s up for us to change the constants in every way possible. And the best way is to start with ourselves.

Even though we aren’t given a clear chance, we should still try to achieve our goals as hard as we can. Maybe try to make something of your free time, i know there isn’t much of it, but more often then not we just tell ourselves “why should i bother, I won’t succeed anyway”, but what if you do? Isn’t this thought alone worth trying? I hope it is and we will put effort into it. And what can you know, maybe in a decade or so we will be much happier with our lives then we are today. Or maybe we will at least have some experience to share with our kids, so they won’t have to go through all the things we had to fight through.

The need of approval

The need of approval

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat. These are only a few social networks and apps you most likely use. Chances are that you check facebook daily, maybe even every few hours. The question is: why? Do you need it? Do you even like using this network? Most of facebook users just scroll through their news feed just for the sake of it. Open facebook, scroll, scroll, like a picture of a “friend” you honestly don’t care about, scroll some more. Rinse and repeat.

Maybe you are an active user and upload pictures to the internet on a regular basis. Why do you do this? To share your experiences? Or maybe you’re just storing these photos so you can easily access them later? Than why you care if people like your picture or not? Just think about it. Do you check your newly uploaded picture if it got more likes and comments? If yes, why? Have you ever asked someone why didn’t they like your new post? I was asked that question quite a bit. Most likely you’re doing all these thing because you’re seeking other people approval without even realising it.

I am not judging you by any means. I am just trying to make you think for a while. Why do we care what other people think about us? It doesn’t matter what some bimbo on facebook think of you. It doesn’t matter what your friends think. The only opinion that matters is yours. But do you even have one? Do you make decisions, or do you wait for someone else to do it for you?

If you didn’t like what i have to say, good. That means i’m right. Maybe you’ll think about it and understand that you don’t need to be like everyone else. Maybe you’ll come to a realisation that other people opinions don’t matter. And maybe, just maybe you will start to think for yourself and make decisions without external influence.