Raw process of my brain

Raw process of my brain

I just sat down and thought to myself that I want to write something. And I have so much topics in my head none of which are complete. So should I pick one half baked idea and try to finish it along the way or maybe I can just put this off and wait for my mind to settle? Well why not write about the fact that i don’t know what to write and see what comes out of it? There won’t be any opinions in this post or whining (I think), this is going to be this, so fasten your seatbelt, this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Does everything we do and we say has to have a meaning or is it fine to just say stuff? It doesn’t seem that we ever do stuff without a reason, we don’t even say anything without a reason. SPONTANEOUS DANCING DISORDER. There, i said something completely meaningless, yet, now this dumb mix of words has a meaning to me… Is there anything that our brains wouldn’t even try to identify? Well here you go, I just got a topic.

I like to ponder about the idea that every decision made creates a separate universe. If this were true, than just by saying “CONTAGIOUS HEDGEHOG COMBUSTION” I created another universe, where I did not say these words. And there’s no way to see how far apart from each other these two universes will drift away. But the fact is: even pointless things have a value. I just thought to myself, what if contagious hedgehog combustion was a thing? That would be terrible… funny, but terrible. BTW I love hedgehogs! Wait, is there a universe in which that is a thing? Huh, interesting. Well, it doesn’t matter, as long as spiders can’t fly in the universe that I live in, I’m happy.

Where was I? Oh, than if every action, word or even though has some weight to it, maybe we should be more careful in our lives so we don’t ruin any other universe. And here comes the twist: I have my own universe, you have yours, that guy or girl you really like has his/hers and every decision even the smallest one can change something for better or worse. Maybe in a chain of events you can hurt someone you care about just because you didn’t think things through. I should analyze my actions more, maybe the people I care for the most will become happier. Hey, why don’t you give it a try?



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